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Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams,

TTD Administrative Building,

K.T. Road, Tirupati ,517 501 ,

Andhra Pradesh ,
Contact Details For  CallCenter(24x7) TTD Officials Phone Numbers
Toll Free nos:
Phone: +91-877-2277777

Comments and inquiries should be mailed to

WhatsApp No: 9399399399

Executive Officer 0877-2264160(c),4977(o),4393(o)
JEO Tirumala 0877-2263456(c),3238(o),3422(o)
JEO Tirupati 0877-2264877(c),4231(o)
Chief Vigilance&Security 0877-2264390
Chief Engineer 0877-2264270,4212
Financial Advisor 0877-2264249,4929
Public Relations Officer 0877-2264392
EDP Manager (IT Dept) 0877-2264544,4341
Chief Accounts Officer 0877-2264752
Dy.E.O.Reception, Tml 0877-2263727
Chief Editor 0877-2264543(o),4359(enq)
Chief Medical Officer 0877-2264370,4371
Conservator Forest 0877-2264518
Devasthanam LAW officer 0877-2264317
Dev.Educational Officer 0877-2264396
Dharma Prachara Parishad 0877-2264490,92,93,94
Director S.V.Dairy Form 0877-2264570
Garden Superintendent 0877-2263420,4296
Marketing Officer 0877-2264555

TTD Officials Email IDs TTD Officials Fax Numbers
Officer E-mail ID
Executive Officer
Joint Executive Officer, Tirumala
Joint Executive Officer, Tirupati
Chief Vigilance&Security Officer
Public Relations Officer
Working Hours- Administrative Office 10:00 to 17:00 hrs, Monday to Saturday. Sunday is holiday. Working Hours - Temples & Choultries Round the Clock,through out the Year
E.O.Chamber 0877-2264166
Joint Executive Officer Tml 0877-2263960,3124
Public Relations Officer 0877-2264217
Chief Engineer 0877-2264621
BIRRD 0877-2264621
Chief Accounts Officer 0877-2264751
LAW Officer 0877-2264524
Ele (D.E.-I) 0877-2264741
F.A.&C.A.O. 0877-2264289
General Section 0877-2264741
S.E.ENG.(Ele) 0877-2264742