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  Vow Fulfilment - Facilities

TTD has provided several facilities to help you fulfil your vows in Tirumala.


Walking up the Hills

Many pilgrims walk up the hills to fulfil vows they have taken, for which TTD has constructed a footpath from Alipiri to Tirumala

TTD provides the following facilities for pilgrims who walk up the hills:

  • Transportation of luggage, free of cost, to Tirumala. Pilgrims will be given a token when they deposit their luggage at any of the choultries in Tirupati, or at the Toll Gate in Alipiri. They can take delivery of their luggage at the Central Reception Office Counter at Tirumala.
  • Drinking water along the footpath.
  • Toilets
  • Shelters at important points along the way for resting
  • Constant patrol by security forces to prevent pilgrims from being cheated or robbed by unscrupulous elements.
  • Relay of religious programmes through the local broadcasting system.
  • Twenty-four hour medical assistance all along the route.
  • Canteens that supply refreshments.


Kalyana Katta

  • The place where pilgrims fulfil their vow of tonsure is called Kalyana Katta. Over 500 barbers, operating in three batches round the clock, are available at Kalyana Katta, to perform tonsure.
  • To reduce the waiting time for tonsure during the peak season, over 100 additional barbers are engaged.
  • The building is equipped with two big tonsure halls and two side balcony tonsure halls with platforms to seat both the pilgrim and the barber. There are four waiting compartments and a well-organised queue system.
  • Tonsure done free of cost at Kalyana Katta.
  • Antiseptics are mixed with water and applied to the head before tonsuring to prevent skin-related and other diseases.
  • Bathrooms, with geysers for hot water, are provided for the pilgrims who have their heads tonsured.
  • A computerised system is in place to issue tokens for tonsure
  • There are 16 mini Kalyana Kattas at important places in Tirumala which function from 6 am to 6 pm everyday, to perform tonsure for pilgrims staying in cottages and guesthouses. The fee charged at these locations is Rs. 10/- per head.
  • The places at which mini Kalyana Kattas are located are: Sri Venkateswara Guest House, N.G.G.H, Sri Varahaswami Guest House, Ram Bagicha Guest House (RBGH)-I, RBGH-II, RBGH-III, SPTC, MBC, TBC, SMC, ANC, HVC, Sri Padmavathi Guest House, Mysore Choultry, Sapthagiri Satramulu and Ist N.C.


Angapradakshinam is when pilgrims lie prostrate, and then roll around the temple, chanting the Lord's name. It is performed in the Vimana Pradakshinam, one of the pathways around the temple.

Pilgrims who wish to undertake the Angapradakshinam will have to bathe in the Swami Pushkarini, and reach the Main Temple Complex by 0200 hrs (through a special queue that starts from the PPC Sheds).

Angapradakshinam is generally restricted to the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). It is also restricted when there is heavy influx of pilgrims.


Tulabharam is offering to the Lord, one's weight in coins or other items such as sugar candy. Tulabharam is generally performed for children. Pilgrims can weigh their offerings in the temple complex. The coins can be deposited in the temple hundi and other items can be handed over to the temple authorities present.

The queue for Tulabharam is the regular queue that starts from the Vaikuntam Queue Complex or PC Queue Complex.


Niluvudopidi is offering to the Lord the ornaments, etc., that one is wearing when one takes the vow.