Voluntary Service

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati



The richness of Hindu Sanatana Dharma is that it preaches “Manava sevaye Madhava Seva” which means “Service to Humanity is Service to Divinity”.

Illustrious Acharyas like Tirumala Nambi, Ramanjuacharya, Ananthalvar and many others dedicated their lives in the service of people thereby possessing the heavenly mukthi.

The concept of Srivari Seva has been derived out of this noble thought by TTD and was introduced in the year 2000 with an aim to serve the pilgrims who throng Tirumala from far flung places to have darshan of Lord Venakteswara.

Began with just 200 Srivari Sevaks in the initial days, today the figure has crossed five lakh mark and Srivari Sevakulu have rendered impeccable services to their fellow pilgrims during all these years.

Srivari Sevaks hail from the states of Telengana, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala, West Bengal, Maharastra, Orissa, New Delhi, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand also apart from Andhra Pradesh. Even some NRIs also performed Srivari Seva as part of their fulfillment of their vow in the devout service.

On any given day not less than 1000 Sevaks will be on service while during festive and vacation seasons the figure triples.

Srivari Seva forms an integral part of worship at Tirumala. The opinion of the Sevakulu is that “It not only enlivens our spiritual life and also prepares our body and soul to act as per the will of supreme Lord which is nothing but serving the fellow pilgrims with love and affection”.


The devotees who are willing to render selfless services to fellow pilgrims as Srivari Sevakulu should write a letter at least a month in advance to the following address –

The Public Relations Officer,

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams,

TTD Administrative building,

K.T. Road,


Ph.No.0877 - 2264392.

·  They will get the proceedings copy from the office of PRO along with one application form or the SMS in their mobile phone .

·  The team leader should get the Xerox copies of the application form and distribute it among his or her members, get it filled and bring it to the Srivari Seva Sadan office while reporting for service along with a passport size photo and ID-proof

· Or if the team leader gets the allocation of service in the form of a SMS to his or her registered mobile number then they should bring the photo and ID-proof of each member of their team to Srivari Seva Sadan while reporting for service. The team leader will be given an empty application form, which he or she gets it photo copied among the team members and filled up in Tirumala.

·  The photos of Srivari Sevakulu who are reporting for the service is captured in the bio-metric cameras and the data of each and every individual is maintained in the office.

· The volunteers are later issued with orange colour scarves which are their identity and they are supposed to handle them with care till their service is completed. After the completion of their service they should hand over the scarves back to the office.


·   Srivari Seva is a voluntary service where pilgrims will render free services to fellow pilgrims who come for darshan of Lord Venakteswara every day.

·  Srivari Sevakulu should be from Hindu religion only.

·  Srivari Sevakulu who is within the age limit of 18 years to 60 years alone will be permitted for Srivari Seva.

·  The Srivari Sevakulu (both men and women) who enroll for Srivari seva should be healthy i.e., physically strong, mentally fit as they have to perform the Seva for longer duration every day.

·   The Srivari Sevakulu should also have to attach a copy of their fitness certificate duly attested by an authorised medical practitioner or physician.

·  Otherwise they will not be taken for service even if they fall within the specified age limit and the final discretion of selecting the Srivari Seva volunteer lies in the hands of APRO cum OSD or Superintendent of Srivari Seva Sadan.

·  Srivari Seva is a voluntary Service. Hence, no payments will be made by TTD in any form.

·  Srivari Sevakulu should not have been involved in any Criminal activities or cases.

·  Srivari Sevakulu are requested not to carry / Consume prohibited articles under section 114 of AP Charitable and Hindu Religious Institutions & Endowment act, 1987.



·  The respective team leader/coordinator of Srivari Seva group has to bring the id-proof with which he has registered on-line and remaining team members will also have to bring their respective id-proofs along with them while reporting for Srivari Seva.

·  Separate accommodation will be provided for Male Sevakulu is provided in Srivari Seva sadan and for Female Sevakulu in PAC III.

·  The volunteers should keep their accommodation and toilets tidy.

·  The volunteers are requested to bring their own locks and keys along with them and no individual rooms will be allotted.

·  The Srivari Sevakulu have to discharge their selfless services in the service areas allotted by the office. Service timings will be for a minimum of 6 hours per day.

·  Uniform is mandatory for Srivari Seva. Male volunteers should wear white shirt and white pant or Dhothi or kurta-pyjama, while female volunteers should wear orange colour saree with Maroon border while in service.

·  If they fail to come in the specified uniform, then they will not be allotted service.

·  Every Srivari Seva volunteer(except those who were allotted services in vital points like outside queue lines, VQC II Annaprasadam) should attend the training programme without fail at Asthana Mandapam on every Friday which will be from 8am to 10am.

·  The sevakulu have to wear Srivari Seva scarves only when on duty.

·  Always chant Govinda and address every one as Govinda only and serve the pilgrims with patience.

·  Every volunteer should wear Tirunamam with vermilion or sandal paste to identify themselves as Srivari Seva volunteers.

·  The volunteers should feel the presence of lord in every devotee and serve the fellow pilgrims with devotion.

·  The women volunteers should not wear night gowns and the male volunteers wear shorts during nights in their respective accommodation centres.

·  The Srivari Seva is absolutely a free service intended to serve the fellow pilgrims. The Sevakulu should not to give kind or cash to anyone (team leader or staff members) for Srivari Seva and do not insist for temple duties as it is not mandatory.

·  While in Srivari Seva, the Srivari Sevakulu should not go for Angapradakshina and Arjitha Seva tickets evading their duties. If so they will be banned from service for a period of two years.

·  If any team leader is found to have taken collected money from the teams members for temple duties, he or she will be banned from service both as team leader and also as a member for a period of two years.

·  If he or she indulges in the same misdeed even after two years ban, then they will be banned from Srivari Seva for life.

·  Srivari Sevakulu are expected to maintain high standards of honesty, integrity, confidentiality, impartiality, and good conduct in the course of, or in relation to their Seva.

·  Srivari Sevakulu are expected to be courteous, considerate and prompt while reporting for Seva.

·  Srivari Sevakulu must comply with all applicable rules and regulations issued by the TTD from time to time.

·  Srivari Sevakulu must comply with any lawful regulations, orders, policies, and appropriate requests issued by the On-duty supervisor or other TTD officials having jurisdiction over the Seva involved.

·  In the course of, or in relation to their Seva, Srivari Sevakulu shall adhere to the policy of the TTD that there shall be no discrimination while performing the seva based on factors of caste, cadre, age and sex.

·  Srivari Sevakulu should consult with the on-duty supervisors on general queries as they may have regarding the applicability of various regulations, which may pertain to their seva.

·  Srivari Sevakulu shall not harass / argue / fight with other sevakulu, TTD Employees or pilgrims.

·  Srivari Sevakulu shall not participate in gambling or any other form involving playing of cards while staying at TTD provided accommodation at Tirumala.

·  Srivari Sevakulu are prohibited from carrying / consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs or Tobacco or meat foods while at Tirumala, as described in the Section 114 of CHRIE ACT 1987.

·  Srivari Sevakulu who violate the above act will be subjected to legal action as per the provisions of Law.

·  Srivari Sevakulu are here – by informed / warned that professing / doing propaganda any other religion other than Hinduism is prohibited under  G.O.Ms  746 & 747 both dt 2-6-2007. Any sevakulu are found violating this act, appropriate legal action will be taken against them.

        Devotees who want to offer Srivari Seva may enroll themselves at Seva Sadan, Tirumala:

For Further details contact:
Public Relations Officer, TTDs, K.T. Road, Tirupati.
Ph: 2264561 or A.P.R.O. cum O.S.D., Srivari Seva Sadan
Inside RTC Bus stand, Tirumala
Ph. 0877-2264392, 2263544.

OTHER IMPORTANT SERVICES : Apart from the general srivari seva, TTD has introduced two more specific services-Parakamani and Laddu Prasada Seva.