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The following are the available cottages under Cottage Donation Scheme in TTD.

S.No. Name of the Cottage Total rooms Already alloted vacancy Size of rooms in meters Donation amount for each room PRIVILEGES
  TIRUMALA         Rs.  
1. Nandakam Rest House 340 09 331 4.6x5.0m 20lakhs Accomodation of 30 days in a year
2. Panchajanyam Rest House 386 128 258 3.79x5.0m 10lakhs
1. Deluxe AC Room in Srinivasam Complex 36 30 06 3.54x4.68m 10lakhs Accomodation of 30 days in a year i.e. 15 days at Tirupati & 15 days at Tirumala
2. AC Room in Srinivasam Complex 125 29 96 3.51x4.23m 7.5lakhs
3. Rooms in Vishnu Nivasam 392 2 390 4.13x4.0m 10lakhs
4. Suits Vishnu Nivasam 16 0 16 2 rooms of total plinth area 48.02m 18lakhs
5. Madhavam 164 0 164 4.0x5.85m 15lakhs
*Please Note: Other than the above, no other cottgaes are available under TTD Cottage Donation Scheme.

30 days accommodation in a calender year during the

  1. Life time of the donor /spouse or 20 years which ever is later in case of individual donation .
  2. For 20 years only in case of Firms/Trust/Company/Joint Donation.
    On production of Donor Verification(Life) Certificate every year in January to the Reception Department.
    For Donors of Srinivasam Complex,tirupati,Privileges can be availed as 15 days at Tirupati & 15 days at Tirumala.

General Conditions:

Donations are accepted in the name of majors (who completed 18 years of age ) only & not in the name of minors .

DD's to be drawn infavour of Executive officer ,Tirumala tirupati Devasthanams ,tirupati.

Name of Cottage (S.No . 1 to 4 ) & place (Tirumala/Tirupati ) should be mentioned specifically in letter /application form. Applications forms are available in Accounts Section, A-Wing ,TTD, Tirupati.

*NO I.T. Exemption under Cottage Donation Scheme.

*NO Darshan privilege under Cottage Donation Scheme

For further details please contact 0877-2264258.

Postal address:The Chief Accounts Officer ,Tirumala tirupati Devasthanams ,K.T.Road,Tirupati-517501.

Note:Other than the above there are no other cottages in TTd under Donation Scheme.