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Walking up the Hills

Many pilgrims walk up the hills to fulfil vows they have taken, for which TTD has constructed a footpath from Alipiri to Tirumala
TTD provides the following facilities for pilgrims who walk up the hills:
Transportation of luggage, free of cost, to Tirumala. Pilgrims will be given a token when they deposit their luggage at any of the choultries in Tirupati, or at the Toll Gate in Alipiri. They can take delivery of their luggage at the Central Reception Office Counter at Tirumala.

1. Divya Darshan facility is provided for pedestrian who come on foot to Tirumala through Gali Gopuram or Srivari Mettu.
2. Bio-metric counters are established on these foot paths, to facilitate free darshan, free accommodation (P.A.C) and free food facilities at Tirumala.
Drinking water along the footpath.
Toilets Shelters at important points along the way for resting
Constant patrol by security forces to prevent pilgrims from being cheated or robbed by unscrupulous elements.
Relay of religious programmes through the local broadcasting system.
Twenty-four hour medical assistance all along the route.
Canteens that supply refreshments.
  • Kalyanakatta is the place where pilgrims get tonsured to fulfil their vows. Over 1316 barbers are working in four batches round the clock at Main and 9 mini Kalyanakattas to perform tonsure. Nearly 400 Tonsurers are working per shift to reduce the waiting time for tonsure to the pilgrims.
  • The Main Kalyanakatta building is equipped with four big tonsure halls with platforms to seat both the pilgrim and the barber. There is a big waiting hall and a well-organised queue system.
  • Additionally there are 9 mini Kalyanakattas which are running at important places in Tirumala every day to perform tonsures to the pilgrims staying in cottages and guesthouses. Such as Sri Venkateswara Rest House(SVRH), Sri Padmavathi Rest House(SPRH), HVC, GNC, PAC1, PAC2, Nandhakam Rest House, Kousthubham rest House(KTRH) and Sapthagiri Rest House(SGRH).
  • Tonsuring is done at free of cost at all Kalyanakattas.
  • Antiseptics are mixed with water and applied to the head before tonsuring to prevent skin-related and other diseases.
  • Bathrooms are equipped with geysers to provide hot water to the pilgrims who have tonsured their head.
  • Computer generated tokens are issuing to the pilgrims for tonsure.
  • The strength of Tonsurers allotted and Kalyanakatta timings are as follows.
Slno Area No. of Shifts Timings No. of tonsurers allotted per shift
  • Shift 1 : 3Am to 9Am
  • Shift 2 : 9Am to 3Pm
  • Shift 3 : 3Pm to 9Pm
  • Shift 4 : 9Pm to 3Am
2 PAC1 4 --do-- 80
3 PAC2 4 --do-- 95
4 SPRH 4 --do-- 8
5 SVRH 4 --do-- 7
6 GNC 3
  • Shift 1 : 3Am to 9Am
  • Shift 2 : 9Am to 3Pm
  • Shift 3 : 3Pm to 9Pm
7 NDRH 3 --do-- 46
8 HVC 2
  • Shift 1 : 6Am to 12Pm
  • Shift 2 : 12Pm to 6Pm
9 KTRH 2 --do-- 14
10 SGRH 2 --do-- 14

In addition to that 1 mini Kalyanakatta at Sri kapileswara Swamy temple (KT) and 1 mini Kalyanakatta at Sri Padmavathi Ammavari temple (Sri PAT) are running in 2 shifts with 6 tonsurers each shift.


Angapradakshanam is a form of fullfillment of oath by the pilgrims,  circumbulating on the floor in the Vimana pradakshanam of the main temple. Pilgrims who vow to perform Angapradakshanam in the Srivari Temple, are requested to obtain biometric tokens from PAC-1 counter at Central reception office.

Pilgrims who wish to undertake the Angapradakshanam will have to bath in the Swami pushkarini, and should report in specified time at VQC-I (Special Entrance, near ATC Car parking). The facility was enabled in all days in the week except on Friday (with effect from 24-1-2014) with 750 tickets as Quota per day. The devotees are permitted for Swami Darshan.

Current reporting time is 01:00 AM (during Peratasi month) and 12:30 AM in normal days.

Tulabharam is a form of offering , wherein a pilgrim offers items such as sugar candy, sugar, rice, jaggery, etc equivalent to his or her weight in the balance placed in front of the padikavali inside the main Temple.

Niluvudopidi is another form of offering where the pilgrim offers the ornaments or other jewels worn on his or her body to the Lord in the srivari Hundi as a part of fullfillment of the vow.