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Sampangi Prakaram

The Vedas which are a source of spiritual wisdom, reflect the ancient culture of India. Out of 1100 sakhas, only a few of the original sakhas survive today. They have been handed down orally from guru to sishya, so as to preserve their correct rendering with proper accent and intonation.

The number of such preceptors who can render the different sakhas are gradually dwindling due to economic and social changes. Realising the urgent need for preserving the rendering of the surviving Vedic sakhas, TTD has taken up the gigantic project of recording the rendering of Vedas available today, for posterity.

Apart from recording the rendering of the Vedas, chantings are recorded.

Vedas Recorded
Name Hours Recorded
Rig Veda 405.0
Krishna Yajur Veda 546.0
Sukla Yajur Veda 147.5
Sama Veda 544.5
Atharvana Veda 57.0
Total 1800.0