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Venkateswara Training Centre for Handicapped

Sri Venkateswara Training Centre for the Handicapped plays a major role in sensitising the public to the needs of the orthopaedically and visually handicapped, and hearing impaired. It provides aids to the handicapped, offers vocational training and counselling services, and assists its wards in securing employment. Vocational training is provided in three areas:

The hospital is well-equipped, with twenty inpatient wards. The outpatient block has an operation theatre and physiotherapy section. Patients are treated with intensive multi-drug therapy and given physiotherapy.They are also educated about the prevention and care of leprosy. The average duration of treatment varies from six to eighteen months.

During treatment, patients also undergo occupational therapy where they are trained in skills like carpentry, shoe-making and weaving. The training helps in the patients' rehabilitation in society.

The inpatients are given training in agriculture. They are trained to grow different crops. The produce is used by the hospital; the excess produce is sent to the other institutions of TTD.

TTD set up the Leprosy Rehabilitation Promotional Unit (LRPU) in 1988 in the Sri Venkateswara Poor Home campus at Tirupati under the National Leprosy Eradication Programme of the Government of India. The Government of India provides full financial assistance - Rs 4 lakh annually.

The objective of LRPU is to provide reconstructive surgery and artificial prosthetic support to leprosy patients and help them in rehabilitation.Patients are provided several facilities including free food and accommodation.

The Poor Home has set its sights on the total eradication of leprosy in India. It aims to increase awareness among the public about leprosy through health education. It keeps abreast with the latest technical know-how by deputing its staff to various medical institutions, and conducting seminars periodically to focus on the latest trends in treatment and rehabilitation measures.