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Sri Venkateswara Training Centre for the Handicapped

Sri Venkateswara Training Centre for the Handicapped plays a major role in sensitising the public to the needs of the orthopaedically and visually handicapped, and hearing impaired. It provides aids to the handicapped, offers vocational training and counselling services, and assists its wards in securing employment. Vocational training is provided in three areas:

 > Group Production Oriented Training (like cane weaving, electronic assembling and packing works)

 > Group Home Bound Individual Programmes (like rope making)

 > Group Urban-oriented Individual Schemes (like typewriting, vulcanising, rubber stamp making and training for the Shorthand/Office Assistant profession)

Candidates trained in the Engineering trades appear for examinations conducted by the Indian Technical Institute.

Candidates trained in typewriting take examinations in Lower and Higher grades ( both English & Telugu ) conducted by the State Board of Technical Education & Training, Hyderabad.

Proposals have been initiated to start an Electronic/Electrical and Computer Science Course.