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Sri Venkateswara Aalayala Nirmanam Trust (SRIVANI)

Sri Venkateswara Aalayala Nirmanam Trust (SRIVANI Trust) is established broadly with below objectives:
  • Construction and Maintenance of Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temples at various locations across India.
  • Providing amenities to perform religious rituals, functions and festivals.
  • Renovate, Protect, Preserve and Maintain Gopurams and archaeological buildings which reflect the glory of Indian Culture, Tradition and History.

SRIVANI Trust was constituted to construct Sri Venkateswara Swamy temples at various locations, all over the country, particularly in SC / ST / BC and weaker section colonies, more prone to religious conversions. The funds received by this Trust are also used for renovation of old and dilapidated temples and other Dharma Pracharam activities. In order to honour the contribution of the Donors towards the cause of Hindu Dharma Parirakshana, a onetime privilege of VlP Break Darsan was approved by the TTD Board for Donors contributing a minimum Rs.10 thousands to this Trust.

‘Karta Karayite chaiva prerakas syonu modaka’ which means one who organizes or executive a noble task, encourages, approves and derives pleasure from it, enjoys all fruits of such a meritorious act. We earnestly appeal to all philanthropists to contribute generously to ‘Sri Venkateswara Aalayala Nirmanam Trust (SRIVANI) and participate in this sacred endeavour. There is need for construction of Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temples, providing amenities to perform religious rituals, functions and festivals and also renovate, protect, preserve and maintain Gopurams and archaeological buildings temples in every village and in every town for universal welfare which reflect the glory of Indian Culture, Tradition and History . The donors can contribute any amount towards this scheme.

The amount donated for the Trust below Rs.1000/- will be credited to the account of Srivani Trust without any intimation to the Donor. All donations are deposited in a Nationalised Bank and the interest earned is also utilized for fulfilment of the objectives of the Trust.

Donations can be made by way of cheque / demand draft on any Scheduled Bank drawn in favour of drawn in favour of “The Executive Officer, Sri Venkateswara Aalayala Nirmanam Trust, TTD, Tirupati and can be sent to the Additional Financial Advisor & Chief Accounts Officer( Addl. FA & CAO),T.T.D.,Tirupati-517501”.

For further information contact: 155257, 0877-2264258 Individuals, firms, companies etc. can make donations, and they are not eligible for Income Tax Benefit.